Vessel Anchorage Permit in the Emirate’s Waters

Vessel Anchorage Permit in the Emirate’s Waters

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Issuing marine Anchorage permits in Dubai waters.

The Authority shall issue anchorage permits for vessels applying for anchorage permits in the waters of the Emirate before or upon the arrival of the vessel, specifying the anchorage period and its purpose.

Shipping agents, ship owners , ship captains

24 hours through DMCA operation email ( or through DMCA e-services portal ( or Smart DMCA mobile app.

From Anchorage approval date to actual departure date .

Marine vessel shipping agent shall apply at DMCA for vessel anchorage permit in the emirate’s waters before or on arrival of marine vessel, stating anchorage duration and purpose.

Permit Issuance Stages:

Upon submittal of all required documents, the anchorage permit shall be issued in two stages as follows:

First Stage: request assessment

Required Documents:

  1. Filling the marine vessel anchorage application form
  2. Copy of valid marine vessel details and certificates.
  3. Copy of marine vessel insurance and indemnity policy.
  4. Copy of Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan ("SOPEP").
  5. Commercial license copy of shipping agent.

Second Stage:

After receiving and reviewing all documents, vessel anchorage e-permit shall be issued directing it to the suitable anchorage area. DMCA, upon its discretion, shall have the right to reject the anchorage application or cancel previous approvals related to such application or any other processes in case of failure to satisfy all requirements, or change anchorage area to ensure safety and freedom of navigation, and maintain environment.

DMCA inspectors shall have the right to visit the site in order to ensure its compliance with safety standards and marine rules.

The shipping agent shall notify DMCA of marine vessel time of departure from anchorage area, and pay all required fees.

Anchorage Regulations

  1. Anchorage in the emirate’s waters without obtaining the required approvals from DMCA and the maritime competent authorities in the emirate shall be prohibited.
  2. Any marine operation in the emirate’s waters without obtaining approval form DMCA shall be prohibited.
  3. The marine vessel shall not be left in continuous motion and operation without anchoring in the emirate’s waters unless under emergency dictating such condition, provided that DMCA shall be notified of the reasons.
  4. Single-hull tankers shall not anchor in the emirate’s waters regardless of their size.
  5. Without prejudice to the requirements provided in this resolution, the captain of the marine vessel shall have full authority to take suitable decisions regarding anchorage in the emirate’s waters upon existence of any threat to public safety, environmental maintenance or maritime traffic, provided that DMCA shall be reported to on the reasons of such decisions.

None of the below marine operations shall be carried out during marine vessel anchorage in the emirate’s waters unless prior approval has been obtained from DMCA. These operations include, without limitation, the following:

  1. Underwater diving and maintenance of any kind.
  2. Hull Painting.
  3. Ventilating tanks of petroleum, gaseous or chemical liquid products carriers.
  4. Washing tanks of oil tankers.
  5. Mixing liquid oil products.
  6. Training on deployment of rescue boats in the water.
  7. Changing details of marine vessel.
  8. Discharging sewage water without treatment.
  9. Washing marine vessel with sea or fresh water.
  10. Maintaining marine vessels main engines.
  11. Gas or electric cutting and welding.
  12. Bunkering, transportation or fragmentation of goods.
  13. Changing water balance.
  14. Changing marine vessel anchorage area.

Anchoring Rules

The captain/shipping agent of the marine vessel shall comply, during anchorage period, with the following rules:

  1. Turn on the Automatic Identification System (“AIS”) of the marine vessel at all times.
  2. Length of anchor track underwater shall not be less than seven (7) locks.
  3. Provide DMCA with daily report on the condition of the anchored marine vessel.
  4. Notify DMCA via email or radio upon the marine vessel departure from the anchorage area.
  5. Pay all financial entitlements due to DMCA within one month of marine vessel departure from anchorage area.

HSE Obligations:

The captain of the marine vessel shall comply with the following HSE requirements during anchorage period:

  1. Local and federal legislations, IMO and ILO international agreements on health and safety as well as instructions issued by DMCA in this regard.
  2. Implementing best practices and standards of maritime safety on the marine vessel during anchorage period, applying safety management regulations in the investigation of accidents and informing DMCA and port authorities immediately, on occurrence of any accidents on the marine vessel.
  3. Notify DMCA on any damage or spoilage to the marine vessel’s body, operation equipment or safety tools or anything that may affect the technical condition of the marine vessel and its seaworthiness.
  4. Inform DMCA directly about any marine pollution accident of whatever magnitude, whether resulting from the marine vessel itself, other marine vessels or any other source.
  5. Document all operations related to safety and environment on the marine vessel by following the procedures referred to in safety management regulations adopted by the operating company.

Obtain prior approval from DMCA before carrying out any of the operations referred to in Article (5) of this resolution, and any other operations that require DMCA approval.

The marine vessel captain shall be fully responsible for indemnity against all claims related to marine pollution resulting from:

  1. Any action from him or any member of the crew allowing pumping oil or causing leakage into the sea.
  2. Any negligence by him or any member of the crew or the contracted companies while operating on the marine vessel that may have caused marine pollution.

Poor technical condition of marine vessel, failure to conduct the required maintenance and lack of seaworthiness.

Application Type


Anchoring in the Waters of the Emirate for more than (3) days & up to (15) days - Per day

AED 200.00

Anchoring in the Waters of the Emirate for more than (15) days for the vessels up to (100) meters - Per day

AED 500.00

Anchoring in the Waters of the Emirate for more than (15) days for the vessels more than (100) meters to (200) meters - Per day

AED 1,000.00

Anchoring in the Waters of the Emirate for more than (15) days for vessels more than (200) meters to (300) meters - Per day

AED 1,500.00

Anchoring in the Waters of the Emirate for more than (15) days for a Marine Craft above (300) meters - Per day

AED 2,000.00

Express Anchoring Service in the Waters of the Emirate for one day only

AED 1,000.00

Payment can be made either in cash or through the banking network for foreign establishments/ companies at DMCA Customer Service Centers or through online payment

24 hours through DMCA operation email (

24 hours through DMCA e-services portal ( or Smart DMCA mobile app.

Processing time varies depending on the procedure and type of submitted application.

All our customers’ inquiries shall be handled at the same time, or within a period that does not exceed (48) hours in case the request is needed to be addressed to another division.

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